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The Ultimate Guide to Company of Heroes New Steam Version Trainer and Mods

In the upcoming game Company of Heroes 2 players will learn the truth about the Eastern Front. What many people didnt know was that the Nazis and their allies actually knew what the Allies were up to. They noticed that a lot of Allied fortified sectors were often abandoned, and thus, the Nazi intelligence wanted to know why.

Company Of Heroes New Steam Version Trainer

Download Zip:

It's hard to believe that Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts was released in 2011. Ten years ago, with a small, passionate community of collectors and modders, we envisioned creating an exciting and fast-paced WWII online game experience. While the original saw incredible success and popularity in the first place, the incredible development time has made it into an amazing game, and with some amazing additions that have come in the years since.

Lastly, we are constantly listening to feedback from our community, and Id like to take this opportunity to say that even if we implement a version trainer, the original version of Company of Heroes will remain available. An always-on battle-arena simply has no place in a real strategy game.

I want to use the legacy version of the trainer and have it work with the legacy version of the game. I cant find anything on the trainer's website that says this version of the trainer will work with the legacy edition and as such, i am wondering if it is possible to run the trainer through the legacy version of the game. I know the trainers working on the legacy version of the trainer for Skyranger and Armed Forces is kind of buggy, but this trainer seems to work flawlessly.


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