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Unity Asset Bundle 1 May 2019 LINK

Note: This tool is an unsupported utility. Viewing extremely large asset bundles can lead to slow performance and memory issues. The Github repository linked from this page contains the latest source code and supersedes any other sources.

Unity Asset Bundle 1 May 2019

The Unity docs are outdated a bit on AssetBundles, since Unity 2017 they introduced an entire new assetbundle system, which is easier to use and works with an improved UI called the AssetBundle Browser

I've had issues myself when switching from Unity 5.x to 2017.x using assetbundles, and it actually required me to use the new assetbundle system, and build/load through that to get them to work again.

here you will see two tabs, "configure" and "Build". Select the assetbundle you want to build by dragging a prefab of the object into the configure tab. you'll get a question asking if you want to build it as one big bundle or multiple seperate bundles, select whichever you prefer.

The Browser will also give a warning if multiple bundles share the same assets, and propose to make a single seperate bundle containing all shared resource, depending on how many and how big your bundles are this can save quite alot of space.

Then if you go to the "Build tab" you can select for which platform you want to build and the output path, along with some additional options such as compression type. Then all you have to do is click "Build" to build your new assetbundle compatible with unity 2017.x

Loading an assetbundle from a file is as simple as using the following piece of code: AssetBundle myAssetBundle = AssetBundle.LoadFromFile(path);You can also load assetbundles from Memory (taking in bytes) or load directly from a stream.

From doc: It mentions that by using version number or Hash128 Unitywebrequest will use cac$$anonymous$$ng system to load from remote or from cache. Then, how to know that the assetbundle has been loaded from remote or cache one?

The annual Unity Mega Bundle is on right now, a collection of Unity assets bundle together with savings up to 95% off. The Bundle is organized into tiers, where higher dollar value tiers include all the tiers below it. The Mega Bundle tiers include:

When dealing with multiple platforms, resolutions, or localizations, use asset bundles to package different texture sets for different devices or users. Asset bundles can be loaded dynamically from the internet after the application is installed to limit the initial application download size and foist that load onto background processes.

Note:- To confirm whether the size of the file was higher or lower sometimes deleting the file "assetbundletest" is required- The increase in size usually happens after 3-4 iterations of the Unity Editor version, i.e: 20xx.x.5 -> 20xx.x.8


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