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By the same token, the charge of façadism leads to criticism that information presented in the form of hypertext risks separation from its context, so that, like the false front of a building with the rest of the structure stripped away, it leaves us with too few clues as to meaning and modes of interpretation. Not surprisingly, advice in web page construction style guides is aimed, in part, at trying to reduce the problems caused by lack of context. This concern may seem ironic, since the ability of hypertext to refer to additional materials, to provide an unlimited context, which the reader can access immediately, has been regarded as one of the most powerful and positive features of the form. As anyone who has used their browser's "Save As" feature can attest to, however, lack of context can be exactly the problem. Pages may be missing crucial information, such as the author's name, date of initial composition, last revised date, and a complete URL. When downloading an entire series of linked pages, the use of complete paths in the link tags, rather than relative ones, can make the entire set of hypertext links unusable offline.[4] Such pragmatic concerns may seem to suggest a need for more sophisticated browsing software and/or more thoughtful web authors. The need to revert to hierarchical models -- referencing a document in terms of where and to whom it "belongs" -- underscores the fact that with hypertext's promise of limitless context may come an encouragement of what educators and cognitive scientists are starting to call a one-dimensional cognitive process: a superficial type of learning involving an accumulation of small bits and pieces of information, rather than a thorough and clearly related understanding of a specific topic.[5] Context expands infinitely, becoming simply more content. We are entering the age of "the infobyte generation" -- a million channels, but it may be even worse than we thought: it's all "Jeopardy", all the time.

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Margaret Rose, one of the only parody theorists to fully examine Karrer's conception of pastiche as a communication process that behaves retroactively, extends the meaning of the term "retroactive" for pastiche when she posits it as a form in which "all styles are dialectically available in the interplay between the Now and the Not Now"; pastiche is profoundly nostalgic, "preserving and presenting past forms for the pasticheur's own age" (Rose 1993: 73). This idea of nostalgia reveals a fascinatingly contradictory assumption in much humanities computing discourse, an assumption particularly apparent in discussions of the electronic publishing of scholarly journals. 350c69d7ab


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