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[S1E3] Next Of Kin

The series has been renewed for a second season already, so there's no reason why they can't slow it down a little bit and give us something to look forward to next year (I say this knowing that the season is probably done filming).

[S1E3] Next of Kin

After all, Star has next to no compunction about throwing other people under the bus to get what she wants, coupled with enormous loyalty to Simone. I admire this attitude in some ways, such as when it leads to her stabbing her sister's abusive foster father, but I want to slap her for it in others, such when it results in her attempting to sleep with Alexandra's dad. Screwing over Cotton would definitely fall into the latter category.

The next morning, Kim is out shopping at the market, admiring the tulips from De Boer Farm for sale, when she looks up and sees Constantine following her. He constantly deadnames her, insists she must be behind the plan to steal the cash. Kim's not the only one Constantine is keeping tabs on either. When Baptiste questions Lina, she says the Brigada Serbilu is following her at all times. She has no idea where the money is, only that Natalie said if anything happened to her, the money should go to her son, Matty, and there was an arrangement to make that happen.

Matty is, as everyone's probably guessed, the kid in the hospital whose father, Thijs, she named her next of kin. (He has full custody.) The tulip farmer is Thijs' dad, Herman, and Matty's grandfather. Herman knows his son is a dirtbag, and rather than trust the money to him; he's stealing away the kid. Unfortunately, he breaks down on the side of the road as the kid sleeps in the backseat. He gets towed to a garage and is stupid enough to pay for a new car in cash out of the gym bag. Upon arriving home, he has a doctor friend make a housecall. The kid is set up with an IV to recuperate from the recent operation. He pays the Doctor in cash too.

A DNA test confirms: Niels is his son. Baptiste is incandescent. How did Martha keep this from him for decades? Meanwhile, Matty wakes up the next morning, doing well. His Opa goes out to the new car to bring the gym bag in, only to discover the car smashed and the cash gone. Meanwhile, back in Amersterdam, as Baptiste fails to answer the phone, Constantine picks up Stratton and takes him away.

He sends her the picture from the report and asks whether she sees any familiar faces. Priya responds by saying she got it before the call ends. Priya jokes with Nitin while Max continues looking through photos. The next day, they pick up Ricky while Jess and Connor bring in someone else. Ricky is placed in the lobby at the station while Jess confirms Connor is ready. Max gives her the word to go for it. Connor enters with Marac who looks at Ricky for a bit. They watch on CCTV as Marac sits down next to Ricky who he seems to recognize. In the interview room, Max tells Ricky they want to talk to him about the battle of Copenhagen.

All Might begins to train Izuku in order for his body to be strong enough to inherit One For All. All Might has Izuku clean the Takoba Seaside Bay of its trash as a great way to strengthen Izuku's body for the next 10 months, as U.A.'s Entrance Exam begins by then, wanting Izuku to become a worthy vessel by that time. All Might gives Izuku an intense training schedule for the young man to follow in the coming months. During his training, Izuku overworks his body and All Might notices that he has gone beyond the schedule they had agreed on. All Might scolds him for this, fearing it will have the opposite effect they were looking for. Izuku replies that he works so hard because he wishes to excel at U.A. and become a hero just like All Might. This gives All Might a brief insight into Izuku's passion for heroism.

Or maybe they haven't changed it, and they'll get back around to that version of Bill in another episode. That's the fun of these show-by-show recaps: something could always happen next week that either makes us look like geniuses or morons!

That said, I feel like I have seen three episodes of this, and each one has given me a different show: apocalypse-by-the-numbers, then video game tutorial level, then a one-act play about love in the time of cordyceps. I can't help but wonder which show The Last of Us is going to be next week.

The pair arrive in front of the Queen regent Míriel (a story point you can read about on the World Wide Web). Galadriel looks to pick a fight, but Halbrand intervenes and manages to secure them a nice bed and breakfast for the next three days.

More dudes join because even in the Tolkien-verse, lunchroom bullies are universal. Halbrand buys the next round, gets everyone drunk, and steals one guy's crest. Unfortunately, they weren't drunk enough and corner Halbrand in an alley. In a surprise twist, Halbrand absolutely wrecks the lot of them. The guards get him though, spears drawn.

The next morning the migration has started. The Brandyfoots are already on the struggle bus. Or struggle cart, I should say. Pops is over there wrenching his back when the stranger turns up looking distraught. 041b061a72


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