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[S3E8] Now Am Found

Hays and West question James' widow, who works at a nursery home, about the black man with the milky eye. She says she was approached by the man, who wanted to know if James found Julie, identifying him as "Junius".[a] They then decide to visit Hoyt's abandoned mansion. In the mansion, they discover the pink room in the basement, which contains a painting in the wall with three figures: "Princess Mary", "Sir Junius", and "Queen Isabel".

[S3E8] Now Am Found

After discovering Junius Watts' address, they visit his house. Watts (Steven Williams) anticipated them, revealing himself as the man who was parked outside Hays' house. He then explains the "truth" to them: a grief-stricken Isabel Hoyt (Lauren Sweetser) saw Julie at a Hoyt Foods company picnic, and, perceiving Julie to have a strong resemblance to her late daughter, wanted to see her again. Watts paid Lucy (Mamie Gummer) to allow Julie to play with Isabel regularly in the woods, under the supervision of Watts and Will. However, Isabel stopped taking her lithium medication and tried to take Julie. Will tried to stop her and hit his head on a rock. James (Scott Shepherd) paid Lucy to allow Isabel to keep Julie. Isabel gave Julie lithium to keep her happy. As Julie grew up, she started asking questions and Watts helped her escape, but she went missing. After many years, he appeared to have found her at a convent for some years.

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