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In contrast, among white and Hispanic newlyweds, the shares who intermarry are similar for men and women. Some 12% of recently married white men and 10% of white women have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity, and among Hispanics, 26% of newly married men and 28% of women do.

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The decline in opposition to intermarriage in the longer term has been even more dramatic, a new Pew Research Center analysis of data from the General Social Survey has found. In 1990, 63% of nonblack adults surveyed said they would be very or somewhat opposed to a close relative marrying a black person; today the figure stands at 14%. Opposition to a close relative entering into an intermarriage with a spouse who is Hispanic or Asian has also declined markedly since 2000, when data regarding those groups first became available. The share of nonwhites saying they would oppose having a family member marry a white person has edged downward as well.

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(25) 04/17/2012 On April 17th at about three in the afternoon downtown officers were dispatched to the methadone clinic at W. 7th and Lincoln where a 24 year old man had threatened to stab others with a knife. Officers detained the suspect, and learned what happened from the two victims and witnesses. According to those involved, the suspect had accompanied his adult domestic partner, a 25-yea- old woman, to the methadone clinic where she is a client. The two became involved in a heated argument and she tried to walk away from him. Two men who were in town on business approached the woman to protect her. One of the men shielded her from the suspect who, holding a knife in his hand threatened, to cut them. Following a verbal exchange the suspect ran from the area. The suspect wasarrested for two counts of Menacing with a knife and one count of Disorderly Conduct.The suspect has an extensive criminal record that includes arrests for misdemeanor and felonyproperty crimes and one charge of domestic violence. The arresting officer requested a 90 dayexclusion and a 1 year exclusion upon conviction for menacing and disorderly conduct. The suspect is white, male, with a Springfield address, extensive local record for misdemeanor and felony property crimes. The subject appeared for their hearing and was given a 90 day exclusion and upon conviction subject was issued a 1 year exclusion.

(33) 06/29/2012 Around 9pm on June 29th a police sergeant was bicycling through the park blocks when he noticed a subject smoking marijuana. The suspect, when contacted by the sergeant provided a name that officers later learned was false. The subject was arrested for violation of our park rules (possession of less than an ounce of marijuana) and placed in the county jail. Jail personnel learned his true identity and found that warrants had been issued for his arrest for Possession of Less than an Ounce of Marijuana, and Delivery of Marijuana within 1000 Feet of a School. The subject was also in possession of a syringe and exhibited symptoms of recent heroin use. The subject has an extensive local record that includes arrests and citations for possession of heroin, possession of marijuana, criminal trespass, consuming alcohol on unlicensed premises, Failure to Appear, Unlawful Delivery of Marijuana to a Juvenile, Theft, Harassment and Disorderly Conduct. The suspect is a white male, age 26, no address. This subject was sentenced to prison and a one year exclusion was granted.

(35) 07/07/12 On July 7, a Eugene Police officer was driving by the Park Blocks when he heard what sounded like an argument and a subject being slapped. As a security officer waved the officer over, the Eugene police officer saw a man and woman in an altercation. According to a witness, the man had struck the woman in the head at least once. As the police officer approached the two subjects, the male suspect fled. When the officer began to pursue him the suspect yelled vulgarities at the officer and the woman stepped in front of the officer to block his way. Other officers arrived and helped to control the two intoxicated subjects. Officers arrested both for Disorderly Conduct. Because the male suspect had been seen striking the woman he was also charged with Physical Harassment. As he was taken into custody he fought with officers, which led to an addition charge of Resisting Arrest. The suspect has previous arrests for Harassment (domestic violence), Parole Violation, Inhaling Toxic Vapors, Burglary, Theft, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Criminal Mischief and Assault in the Fourth Degree (Felony/domestic violence). The suspect is a white male, age 23, with a West Eugene address. The subject appeared for their hearing and the judge signed a 90 day exclusion order.

(37) 07/10/2012 On July 10, downtown officers were called to the location of two subjects in an alley. The complainant believed the subjects were in possession of a bottle of an alcoholic beverage. When officers contacted the two men they learned that one had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Officers searched the subject and found that he was in possession of nearly two ounces of marijuana (a felony), more than $200 in cash and a bottle of bourbon.The subject was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance and Consuming Alcohol on Unlicensed Premises. He was also arrested under authority of a warrant stemming from a parole violation. Officers requested a 90-day-exclusion. The subject has previous arrests for Criminal Trespass, Parole Violation, Consuming Liquor on Unlicensed Premises, Littering, Park Rules Violation, Disorderly Conduct, Theft, Unlawful Entry into aMotor Vehicle, Criminal Mischief, Resisting Arrest, Forgery, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Possession of Burglary Tools, Possession of a Forged Instrument, Possession of Heroin, Attempt to Deliver Heroin and Unlawful Delivery of Marijuana. The suspect is a white male, age 36, no residential address. The subject failed to appear for their hearing and a 90 day exclusion was granted by the judge.

(38) 07/18/2012 In the afternoon of July 18 a downtown officer saw an adult man mingling with anumber of teenagers in the Park Blocks. The man was contacted when he violated one of the posted park rules. The officer ran a record check on the 26 year old man and found that there was a warrant for his arrest. It was also determined that he was in the park in violation of an administrative park restriction. He is currently on probation for possession of heroin and Marijuana Delivery within 1000 feet of a school. Following the arrest, officers discovered that the subject was in possession of heroin, marijuana and accouterments of marijuana distribution. He was arrested for the warrant, Trespassing (violating a park restriction), possession of heroin, and unlawful distribution of marijuana within 1000 feet of a school. The subject has a local criminal record that includes 45 arrests in which he was lodged in the jail, and 26 arrests in which he received a citation in lieu of being lodged at jail. His arrests have been for Possession of Marijuana, Giving False Information to a Police Officer for a Citation, Violation of ParkRules, Delivery of Marijuana within 1000 feet of a School, Criminal Trespass, Consuming Liquor on Unlicensed Premises, Failure to Appear, Delivery of Marijuana to a Juvenile (two separate incidents not including that which led to his arrest on the 18th), Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property, Physical Harassment and Disorderly Conduct. He is a white male, age 26, Eugene resident.The subject was sent to prison and upon conviction a one year exclusion was granted.

(46) 08/09/2012 During the afternoon hours of August 9th an officer stopped a subject for apedestrian violation near Broadway and Oak Street. The subject gave what the officer concluded was a false name. Interestingly, the subject suggested the officer go through his backpack to locate something with his name on it. Our officer did not find any identification in the bag but did discover a straw that had apparently been used to consume drugs that field tested positive for methamphetamine. Eventually the subject gave the officer his true name. Through a records check the officer learned there was an arrest warrant for the subject for probation violation (probation violation Burglary in the first degree and Burglary in the second degree). The subject was arrested for the warrant and also charged with Possession of Methamphetamine, Giving False Information to a Police Officer and Sex Offender Failure to Report. The subject has an extensive juvenile record. He is a white male, age 20, with a Eugene address. The subject failed to appear for his hearing and a 90 day exclusion was granted.

(50) Around midnight on October 3, Officers responded to 8th & Lincoln regarding an assault that had just occurred. The victim reported the suspect had struck him approximately five times and bit his arm hard enough to tear the skin. Officers located the suspect and arrested him for Assault. During the arrest, which was filmed on In-Car Video, the suspect called one officer by racial slurs. While in the back of the patrol car the suspect deliberately struck his head on the partition that separates the back seat from the front passenger compartment, which caused a laceration that required seven sutures. The suspect was threatening to officers, medics and hospital staff. The suspect was lodged in the jail under the charges of Assault, Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Mischief 3.The suspect is a white male, age 24, of Junction City. Previous arrests as follows:Theft-1 Sale (1)Theft-3 (2)Theft-3 warrant (6)Animal Abuse-1 (2)Assault Public Safety Officer (1)Attempted Assault (1)Assault (1)Burglary-1 (1)Burglary-2 (1)Burglary-2 warrant (4)Criminal Mischief-1 (1)Criminal Mischief-2 (3)Criminal Mischief-2 warrant (3)Criminal Mischief-3 (1)Criminal Mischief-3 (5)Criminal Trespass-1 (1)Criminal Trespass-2 (1)Criminal Trespass-2 warrant (1)Harassment (2)Harassment warrant (3)Minor Possess/Purchase Liquor Consume (1)Order of Juvenile Court Probation Violation warrant (2)Probation Violation warrant (1)Recklessly Endangering Public Safety Officer (1)Attempted Harassment (1)Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle (1)Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle warrant (1) 350c69d7ab


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