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[S6E24] Secrets Revealed __TOP__

Deep inside the Temple of the Sky, Ben, Rook, and Kai are walking around. They come across what seems to be a dead end and Kai wonders what she has done wrong. Rook believes that Ben will make a snide comment at Kai but Ben wonders why he would. Ben suddenly triggers a trap that causes the walls to slowly close in on the group. Rook uses his Proto-Tool to try and slow them down and Kai tells him to stop them. However, Ben is unable to dial in an alien, but Skurd manages to press a switch that opens the floor causing him, Ben, Rook, and Kai to fall down through. Ben transforms into Snare-oh and grabs Rook and Kai. Snare-oh is unable to get a grip on anything but has an idea which Kai tells him to quickly do. Snare-oh unravels himself allowing for a safe cushion for Rook and Kai. Kai notices some artifacts and steps on something that causes another in plain sight to be revealed. However, Snare-oh touches the artifact which triggers another trap that causes another Jungle Guardian to be awaken.

[S6E24] Secrets Revealed



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