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Learn 280 Essential Kanji with Kanji Master N4 Pdf 203

A website that offers a set of interactive exercises for practicing kanji learned in GENKI. It helps you recognize the kanji through multiple choice and gap-fill exercises, jumble modules, and crosswords. (by Edith Paillat [Victoria University of Wellington])

Kanji Master N4 Pdf 203

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Web-based tool to help Japanese-language learners read and write kanji. It contains a database of 1,235 kanji. Students can easily search for kanji in a certain lesson of GENKI by inputting the lesson number. (by Kanji Alive Team [The University of Chicago])

This website offers essential information on every kanji that appear in the major Japanese language textbooks for elementary level. You can easily access kanji that appear in GENKI I and II, and learn their reading, meaning, stroke order (animations), and relational kanji knowledge. Kanji Matching Quizzes for these kanji are also offered. (by Joji Miwa)

This second book in the series is designed to teach intermediate students the remaining 250 of 500 kanji characters commonly found on the Japanese Language Proficiency Level N2 exam. They were selected from kanji that commonly appear in elementary-level Japanese textbooks and kanji that Japanese students are required to learn by their third year of primary school. The two main parts of the volume are the kanji practice and the quiz sections. The kanji practice pages are clear with large letters, stroke order and readings. By studying two pages per day, the books usually takes 3 months to complete.What makes this series unique is that the pages include not only readings and vocabulary, but also helpful sample phrases and sentences with each kanji. This really sets the book apart as you can study basic conversation and grammar along with each new Chinese character. All of the sample sentences in this book are in plain styles, ready for natural conversation. English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese translations are included, enabling students to study kanji independently. An answer key, index and removable appendix of kanji organized by chapter are also included for easy reference and review.Pages: 165Language: Japanese with English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese translations

I started learning Japanese about a year ago. I was learning kanji and vocabulary through my Japanese textbooks, but very little stuck. Memorizing the kanji felt like an impossible task and I was close to giving up. Then I started WaniKani, which made learning kanji simple and actually fun. The SRS and leveling structure made sure I never accidentally overwhelmed myself. The mnemonics ensured that every kanji and vocabulary would stick in my memory. After a year, I can now read over 1,000 kanji. I can navigate Japanese websites with comfort. I can read some of my favorite manga and actually enjoy it. Most importantly, at least in my opinion, I can put more focus into trying to learn Japanese grammar, knowing that WaniKani has me covered when it comes to kanji.


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