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Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker ((HOT)) Cracked

the password recovery process in office 97-2003 documents was only possible in a few cases. it involved copying the password to another machine, cracking the password there, and then copying the cracked password back to the original machine. office 2007 introduced a new recovery process, which is now only possible in office 2007 and above. the new process involves a single machine and uses the document encryption feature to make brute force attacks not work as well as before. if the original, not cracked, password was not strong enough, microsoft used the password recovery tool in the windows password manager to make cracking the original password easier. windows password manager was later replaced by windows live id.

Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker Cracked


this algorithm was used in office 97-2003 to make it harder to crack the original password. by using this algorithm, the password recovery process in office 97-2003 was very time consuming, with the average user spending over a month to recover an encrypted document.

the new password recovery tool introduced in office 2007 and above does not use this algorithm. instead, it uses a new algorithm that does not calculate the number of combinations for each character. this makes the password recovery process faster and dramatically reduces the average time to crack the original password.

even less than 30 percent of bitlocker volume or rar5 password hashes are cracked using the same methods. the microsoft windows 7 and later version of microsoft office 2013 use a 128-bit key for encryption and sha2 for hashing. using hashcat, a single intel core i7 cpu can crack most of these passwords in the matter of minutes. some attacks are even faster than that.


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