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Subtitle Love Basketball BEST

"Love & Basketball" is about how you can either be in love or play basketball, but it's tricky to do both at the same time. It may be unique among sports movies in that it does not end with the Big Game. Instead, it's a thoughtful and touching story about two affluent black kids, a boy and a girl, who grow up loving each other, and the game.

subtitle Love Basketball

They're both recruited by USC, and both turn into college basketball stars, although Monica, on the women's team, feels she's penalized for an aggression that would be rewarded on the men's team. Their romance has its ups and downs, and eventually they're both playing in the pros--he in America, she in Spain. The ending reunites them a little too neatly.

But these bare bones of the plot don't convey the movie's special appeal. Written and directed by first-timer Gina Prince-Bythewood (and produced by Spike Lee), it is a sports film seen mostly from the woman's point of view. It's honest and perceptive about love and sex, with no phony drama and a certain quiet maturity. And here's the most amazing thing: It considers sports in terms of career, training, motivation and strategy. The big game scenes involve behavior and attitude, not scoring. The movie sees basketball as something the characters do as a skill and a living, not as an excuse for audience-pleasing jump shots at the buzzer.

There are two things that jump out immediately. There is a pop-up every time detailing various rewards for the current season of challenges that you must exit out of. Immediately following this, 2K TV starts playing automatically, which consists of constantly updated videos about the game. There are no subtitles for this and it can be shut off or adjusted in settings.

During gameplay itself, I found the commentary team to be more helpful than in other sports games, although there are no subtitles for this aspect. For instance, they will tell you the difference between the shot clock and the game clock. This information is also shown in other ways with visual overlays. Generally speaking, the game does a great job of communicating everything in multiple ways and a great example of this is that there is a beep and the numbers turn red when the shot clock is winding down.

NBA 2K23 is the most well-rounded step forward that the series has had in several years. A few questionable decisions for navigation and glitches in settings saving incorrectly honestly hold it back from being in the neighborhood of perfection. As a game, it truly shows the power of current-generation consoles and has something for all basketball fans.

Translation is not new to viewers, but the instant, almost frictionless access to different language versions of the same film or show definitely is. Streaming platforms allow viewers to swiftly change from watching a film with subtitles to listening to the dubbed version or the original. This creates an opportunity for viewers to compare the different versions.

Thorias, the mutant with the chest cannon, panics on hearing this and fires accidentally, pulverizing his human/spider team member. Wanting to impress Leela, Fry offers to take the dead mutant's place, noting that they are 35 points ahead with two minutes left in the game, so there's no way putting him in would cause a problem. Unfortunately, there's another time skip and they find themselves at the end of the game: the Globetrotters win 244 to 86. Albert finishes with the comment that it's a dark day for humanity: losing in basketball. The Globetrotters gloat and Leela notes that she doesn't know what Fry did during the time skip, but thanks to him all the other planets will be cracking wise about their mamas. Hermes breaks down in tears, thankful his "fat, ugly mama isn't alive to see this day."

Meanwhile, using the Smell-O-Scope, Farnsworth has located "time leaks" in the Tempus Nebula. He surmises that when the crew removed the chronitons, it destabilized the nebula, disrupting time throughout the universe. Tate summarizes that when the nebula bounces time particles on matter, bouncing basketballs on Benders head as an analogy, it causes dents, or time skips. He realizes that diverting a bunch of stars could redirect the time particles to the empty side of the universe via their gravity. Unfortunately, such an undertaking would take all of Earth's money, and months to build and install on the Planet Express ship. Thanks to convenient skips however, it all gets done in seconds of perceived time.

At the helm, Fry realizes he previously moved the stars to spell "I LOVE YOU, LEELA" as an ultimate declaration of love. That was the thing that finally won Leela's heart. Unfortunately, the implosion device sucks up all the stars a few seconds later. A frantic Fry asks Leela if she saw "it", but unfortunately she didn't. A depressed Fry simply says, "it" was nothing, and the credits roll.

When the Earth basketball team loses Arachneon to a cannon incident, Fry volunteers to replace him, expressing a desire to show Leela his skills. Later, Fry lures Leela to a love nest, claiming that it's a time-proof chamber that will protect her from the time skips. A time-jump occurs just after he says something crude--now Leela is gone and Fry has a black eye.

If you're looking to diversify your K-drama watching, we definitely recommend binge-watching any of these awesome titles to get the adrenaline pumping while getting inspired with authentic, heartfelt stories of hard work, friendship, and love. Happy watching, chingus!

Amulya Shekhar is a sports junkie who thrives on the thrills and frills of live sports action across basketball, football (the American variant works too), parkour, adventure sports. He believes sports connect us to our best selves, and he hopes to help people experience sports more holistically.

We offer a wide variety of recreational activities for those who love having an active and social life. Every day of the week offers an opportunity to meet new friends and learn a new game or hobby. The surrounding community of Yuma, Arizona is also ready for those who love outdoor activities like trail-driving, boating, or fishing to name a few.

At Sun Vista RV Resort, we love to keep on the move and have fun. Our two-story fitness center has state-of-the-art exercise equipment with a fitness/aerobics room that keeps busy with classes such as Zumba.

Volunteers:Do you love working with children and teaching them new, exciting skills? Do you enjoy greeting new guests that come to our church? Do you have a heart for teaching children about Jesus? Then we need your help! Our 2023 UPWARD Soccer season begins in April, and we need volunteers to serve as coaches, door greeters, and chaplains. Prior soccer experience or knowledge is welcome but not necessary!

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Lupica also trains an unflattering spotlight on the college coaches, writers and broadcasters, "talk-show" callers, and promoters who have helped to inject cynicism into sports - and even on media favorites such as Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys and basketball star Clyde Drexler. 041b061a72


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