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Pro Rank Seo Checker ; API

Looking for SEO solutions to help your site rank on Google? SEO PowerSuite holds enough tools for an SEO campaign of any caliber. It's got everything crucial for the SEO industry: from an SEO analysis tool to keyword research tools, to backlinks checkers, to content editors, to PPC ads optimization, and much more. Frankly, there is no SEO tool available elsewhere that's not already a part of SEO PowerSuite. With its intuitive UI and a wealth of pro-level features, it's a perfect SEO tool for newbies and SEO experts alike.

Pro Rank Seo Checker ; API

Rank Tracker is all-in-one software designed to track keywords with freely customizable rank tracking dashboards and SEO reports. The original keyword rank checker tool by SEO PowerSuite serves around 20,000 monthly users, becoming part and parcel of daily SEO ranks checking.

The mobile keyword rank checker lets you add Googlebot Mobile as a separate search engine for tracking your keyword optimization efforts. Switch between desktop and mobile keyword rank tracking to see the real picture of the SERPs. Check out mobile SERP features and tweak the best optimization ideas pertaining to mobile SEO.

The keyword rank tracker lets you integrate Google Analytics and Search Console to analyze your current keyword ranking positions. Used together, these sources will give you thousands of keywords you wouldn't have found elsewhere on the web.

The rank checker quickly combines data from the most popular Google tools, giving a clear overview of your current keyword trends. The dashboards cover all your impressions and clicks, organic page traffic and organic keywords traffic, as well as estimated PPC trends and costs.

The ranking tool will help you check keyword potential and prioritize the right keywords. Combine the keyword difficulty score with the traffic checker stats from Google Analytics to decide which keyword will be easier to rank for. Analyze their valuable SEO metrics and weigh your chances to rank for top keywords.

The rank checking software combines the most powerful competitive research methods to help you with optimization. The keyword tracking tool will easily find your competitors' Ranking keywords that bring them most of the organic traffic. Next, you can use the Keyword Gap tool to find out which powerful keywords you're missing in your SEO strategy.

Ready with the killer keyword list? Add your SEO competitors to the tracking software to check their positions and SERP features. Track your competitors' average position and ranking history, and see how your ranking position improves in comparison.

Glad to know I am not the only one having issue. x Pro definitely needs to put this on a priority bug fix list. Given the popularity of rankmath and x theme, the theme and plugin have to find a solution for compatibility.

If you are looking to optimize your page or website and improve overall keyword rankings, you should use a reliable SEO tool for Google. Since the majority of searchers are done on Google - the largest search engine in the world - it is best to focus your effort on that platform.

By using an SEO tool for Google, you will be able to perform keyword research easier and more efficiently. You will find relevant and highly searched keywords to include in your page's meta tags and improve your website ranking for better SEO marketing.

An SEO tool can be used for many things - keyword research, keyword analysis, improving website ranking, search engine marketing, and many more. Among all its function, the most important is its ability to generate relevant keywords.

Keywords are the most important part of SEO optimization and the first step towards improving a website's ranking to attract more traffic. In order to find the most relevant search terms - be it highly searched focus keywords or long tail keywords with high conversion rate potential - you will need a reliable SEO tool.

There are different ways you can approach buying a keyword ranking tool: there are companies that offer solely keyword or position tracking, there are those that have multipurpose SEO tools with keyword rank tracking being one of them, and there are enterprise SEO platforms that offer, well, everything for the entire SEO life-cycle.

The market is full of different SaaS solutions for tracking keyword positions, but for the most part, they can be categorized into three subsections: just keyword rank trackers, multipurpose tools that include rank tracking as a tool, and enterprise SEO platforms.

Linkdex gives you ranking data as well as search volume, CPC, and estimated traffic per keyword. Filter information by device or location (e.g. postal code) and see when keyword cannibalization is happening.

You can also benefit from the Essentials package, which is the perfect place to start with pricing that starts at $0.15 per keyword. This plan is ideal for those who require accurate and reliable rank tracking now, with the potential to increase their investment in the future.

It is possible to monitor your keywords rankings for free. All you need to do is set up a Google Analytics and Search Console account. These are just two examples of free SEO tools that offer great insights for SEOs.

The SEO checker API can be used to query all the data supplied by the GUI using HTTP/S requests. In order to work with the API you need to contact us at to verify your usage scenario.

  • The result data is:volume - Montly search volume.

  • ctr - Click through rate in precentage (100 being the higest).

  • adctr - Ad Click through rate in precentage (100 being the higest).

  • Difficulty - Keyword ranking difficulty.

This SEO API call will return keywords that the domain is ranked for, the cost is one credit for each 10 rows of returned data, so if you requested 100 results for a keyword, the cost is 10 credits, the minimum cost is one credit

This SEO API call will return keywords that the URL is ranked for, the cost is one credit for each 10 rows of returned data, so if you requested 100 results for a keyword, the cost is 10 credits, the minimum cost is one credit

Example - Getting the next 5 results for the keyword seo: "result":["keyword":"seo jang-hoon","searchvolume":30000,"ctr":22,"difficulty":"48","keyword":"seo company","searchvolume":30000,"ctr":55,"difficulty":"47","keyword":"seo agency","searchvolume":20000,"ctr":66,"difficulty":"45","keyword":"seo group buy","searchvolume":20000,"ctr":93,"difficulty":"32","keyword":"seo checker","searchvolume":20000,"ctr":85,"difficulty":"50"],"responsecode":0

Example - Get the first 5 results for the keyword seo, that also contains the phrase "checker": "result":["keyword":"seo checker","searchvolume":20000,"ctr":85,"difficulty":"50","keyword":"seo onpage checker tool","searchvolume":3000,"ctr":100,"difficulty":"55","keyword":"website seo checker","searchvolume":2000,"ctr":100,"difficulty":"46","keyword":"seo checker free","searchvolume":1500,"ctr":60,"difficulty":"48","keyword":"seo headline checker","searchvolume":1000,"ctr":75,"difficulty":"51"],"responsecode":0

Example - Get the first 5 results for the keyword seo, that also contains the phrase "checker": "result":["keyword":"seoulchillun","searchvolume":0,"ctr":0,"difficulty":"0","keyword":"1 seound everuday signed me out","searchvolume":0,"ctr":0,"difficulty":"0","keyword":"pulseo","searchvolume":0,"ctr":0,"difficulty":"50","keyword":"seote","searchvolume":0,"ctr":0,"difficulty":"60","keyword":"jessica jung and seomin","searchvolume":0,"ctr":0,"difficulty":"70"],"responsecode":0

This SEO API call will return keywords that the URLs that rank for specified seed keyword also rank, the cost is one credit for each 10 rows of returned data, so if you requested 100 results for a keyword, the cost is 10 credits, the minimum cost is one credit

  • Parameters:apitype - Is set to alsoranksforkeyword.

  • keyword - The keyword you want to search, for unicode keywords you should encode the utf8 with base64 and use the parameter keyword64 instead.

  • from - Starting record.

  • to - Ending record.

It's possible to request up to 10,000 results in one time, but for speed it's recommended to get 100 results at a time.

Example - Get the first 5 results for the keyword seo: "result":["keyword":"search engine optimization","searchvolume":100000,"ctr":67,"difficulty":"56","keyword":"what is seo","searchvolume":50000,"ctr":47,"difficulty":"53","keyword":"seo meaning","searchvolume":30000,"ctr":21,"difficulty":"58","keyword":"how to use seo marketing","searchvolume":30000,"ctr":40,"difficulty":"58","keyword":"google seo","searchvolume":25000,"ctr":74,"difficulty":"42"],"responsecode":0

Example - Getting the next 5 results for the keyword seo: "result":["keyword":"best seo ranking","searchvolume":20000,"ctr":83,"difficulty":"47","keyword":"seo tips","searchvolume":15000,"ctr":82,"difficulty":"56","keyword":"seo optimization","searchvolume":10000,"ctr":37,"difficulty":"68","keyword":"seo for dummies","searchvolume":10000,"ctr":55,"difficulty":"50","keyword":"seo definition","searchvolume":10000,"ctr":37,"difficulty":"63"],"responsecode":0

Example - Get the first 5 results for the keyword seo with search volume under 300 searches per month: "result":["keyword":"google topic search","searchvolume":0,"ctr":0,"difficulty":"36","keyword":"webmaster file handling strategies","searchvolume":0,"ctr":0,"difficulty":"42","keyword":"how to increase seo ranking on google","searchvolume":0,"ctr":0,"difficulty":"47","keyword":"as of late 2018 content url","searchvolume":0,"ctr":0,"difficulty":"43","keyword":"seo tips 2018","searchvolume":0,"ctr":100,"difficulty":"54"],"responsecode":0


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